Environment Protection

Hotels for Trees Schwarzer Bock Ansbach

We are member of Hotels for trees. We plant a tree for not cleaning our rooms and not using chemical cleaning agents.

PV Solar im Biergarten

Protecting the environment while having dinner: under our photovoltaic terrace roof you can drink a glass of wine with a clear conscience while generating electricity.

Bioland zertifiziert 100% Bio SchwarzerBock Ansbach

We are certified organic. Not only EU organic but also according to the much stricter standards of Bioland. All dishes are either organic or from our own hunting – except for the meat from the pork shoulder and the veal escalope, but these come from the region.

BHKW im Schwarzer Bock

CO2 reduced heat generation: with the block power plant we produce electricity every time you shower or need heating. Intelligently linked with photovoltaic system we sigificant reduce CO2 emissions.

Bio Frühstücks Buffet Schwarzer Bock

For sure some breakfast offer is cheaper, if you ever tried our fresh buns, baguettes or bread, the outstanding cheese, homemade jams you know, why we use ecological products only – and why others are cheaper.

Wildbratwurst Ansbach Schwarzer Bock Wirtshaus und Restaurant

We know the farmers who supply goods for us. We don’t have anonymous products from industrial agriculture. Here, landlady Meike Appel-Fuhrmann of SchwarzerBock at Baroness Katja von Mentzingen fetching directly from the estate – fresher, shorter distances and more regional is hardly possible.

Jagd Biohotel Schwarzer Bock Ansbach

Game from our own hunting grounds is essential for us to deliver the best food to the table at Schwarzer Bock without CO2 production. We hunt directly outside the city of Ansbach in the historic hunting grounds of the Margrave of Ansbach.