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Welcome to Schwarzer Bock – a historic, organically certified (Bioland & EU-Bio) guesthouse with traditional, cosy rooms in contemporary style and modern comfort. We’re pleased to be your host in Ansbach, you can check in 24/7 with Credit Card prepaid booking .
Yours, the Appel-Fuhrmann Family

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Too late for our award-winning regional cuisine? Too bad, but the 24/7 Maxi Bar with regional and ecological snacks and drinks will reassure you.

Tripadvisor Travellers Choice 2020 SchwarzerBock

Ranked Top Hotel Worldwide. Thank you to all our clients and our Schwarzer Bock team for your confidence in us and our great team for a very special 2020.

The rustic but charming interior of the SchwarzerBock retains many of the original features of the building, which has served as a guest house since the Middle Ages, and has been refreshed with modern Franconian accents. Regional loden and wood furnishings add character and bring the original interior back to life. Loden fabrics from regional manufacturers, mixed with original natural paints from Keim in Bavaria (which supplied the paints for the White House in Washington and for Schwarzer Bock in Ansbach) and exclusive JAB Anstoetz curtains or Foscarini lamps. The Michelin Guide’s recommendation is given to an establishment that is defined as „solid country food at moderate prices“.